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Because the house edge in Baccarat can be as low as just over 1%, most online casinos do not allow this game to count towards the wagering requirements when you are clearing a bonus.

Those casinos that do allow it will have it at a very low contribution percentage, possibly as low as 1 or 2%, so check the requirements if you are going to play this game.

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Baccarat, also called mini-baccarat, has been growing in popularity with online casino gamblers in recent years, and is now one of the top three most played online casino games.

In reality this game is more like a slots game than a table game - it is essentially a slots game played with cards.

There is no decision making process involved, and the player simply clicks a button to deal the cards and then awaits the outcome. With no decisions to make, there is no possibility to alter the odds into the players\\\' favor.

If you have never played this game before then you probably should not choose to do so now simply in order to clear a bonus that allows it.

Also, just because the house edge is particularly low overall in this game, you should remember that some side bets, if they are available, can have very poor odds, and the tie bet in particular is a very poor bet for the player, with an atrocious house edge of more than 14%!

The bet with the best odds is the banker bet, but with the fractional return this can make progressive betting tricky. The fractional return comes about because, while a bet on the banker is theoretically paid at evens, this payout is then \\\'taxed\\\' at 5% commission, resulting in a payout of less than evens. This is just a quirk of the game, and effectively gives the house its edge.

My preference when playing this game is for the player bet, with it\\\'s slightly worse odds. The odds are marginally worse - the player bet has a house edge of 1.24% as opposed to the 1.06% edge on the banker bet - but the bet gets paid at evens with no commission. Getting paid out at evens makes it easier to keep track of your bets and bet sizes.

Another factor when considering this game for bonus clearance reasons is the lack of any jackpots or doubling features in the game play. Flat bets within the limits of some bonuses will make playing baccarat for a bonus a possibly arduous task and you can expect to have to put in some considerable amount of hours to come out within the terms.

Baccarat Bonus Strategy

These is no real strategy to this game, despite what you may find on the internet. There are many people selling winning systems for baccarat, but none of those are actually any good.

I do like this game, it has a simplicity equal to some slots games, yet it has a cache of a real casino game. In recent years it has gained in popularity and is now one of the top three online casino games.

But there is no decision making process in this game. Unlike Blackjack, where the bets you make, or more importantly don\'t make, can influence the house edge and when played optimally, can move those odds slightly in your favor, with Baccarat you do not have any choices to make.

Well, you choose which hand to bet on, but that is it. Once you place your chips on the table, the procedure of the game takes over. The dealer must deal the cards according to a strict set of rules, and the winning hand will be determined according to those rules.

The only decision then is which hand to bet on.

To start, you shold never really bet on the tie bet. That has bad odds for you, so avoid it. That leaves the Player hand or the Banker hand.

Betting on the banker hand has slightly better odds - as in, it has a slightly lower house edge - than betting on the player hand.

The way thsi game works, both hands pay out at evens. But winning bets on the banker hand are then subject to a 5% commission, and that reduces the return you get. A one dolalr bet on the player hand that wins will pay you two dollars. The same bet on the banker hand will return slightly less to you, the exact amount depending on the casino you play at and the rate of commission that they charge.

For easy bet management I always recommend that you play the Player hand, as, with no commission it is easier to keep track of your chips.

Other than that, I don not have any optimal strategy for this game.