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Caribbean Stud

The house edge in Caribbean Stud Poker is fairly high at over 5% so many casinos will allow play on this game in the wagering requirements of thier bonuses.

Even so, some casinos will not allow it as a permitted game when a bonus is being cleared, so be sure to check the terms before deciding to play this game while you have a bonus in play.

With a house edge of over 5%, it is not really a great choice for players looking to clear a bonus anyway, but if it is your game of choice then the bonuses that are listed below do specifically allow play on this game in their terms.

Caribbean Stud Bonuses 2015

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Las Vegas USA | $3000 at 150%

September 16, 2015
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If a bonus is not lsited here as allowing play on this game, but it is the game that you want to play, then it might tbe worth your while to check the small print on the casino site, or contact the casinos customer support staff, as it may not be excluded.

We can only list those bonuses that specifically include the game types that we sort the bonuses by. Not all casinos are diligent in publishing the small print of their deals and unless you see your game as being excluded by name then you might find it worth your while to check it out before hand.

I have never really liked this game. The strict rules that enforce the house edge can make for unpleasant situations. For example, hitting a made hand but then having the dealer not play - due to the rules- can be very sickening, especially when you are trying to recover from a bad run. Having that happen once too often can put a player right off this game.

It can be an exciting game though, especially for players that are not too familiar with table games in general.

Caribbean Stud Strategy

It is possible to reduce the house edge in this card through optimal play, so Caribbean Stud does lend itself well to an informed strategy.

I have played this game both live and online, and while there is a proper way to play, the strategy table can be quite complicated. I haven\\\'t played this enough to call myself an expert. The amount of work needed to become an expert player at this game I think would be better spend on a game such as Blackjack, where the odds can be much more in the players favor.

If you are going to play this game I assume that you will familiarize yourself with the rules and the game play, but for the purpose of making sense to the strategy that I will outline below I am going to introduce the basic game play here.

In Caribbean Stud, you are playing against the dealer. You the player will make your opening wager, then both you and the dealer will be dealt a hand of five cards, all face down except for one of the dealers cards. If there are other players at the table, all of you are playing against the dealer.

The dealer has strict rules for whether they will play their hand or not. The dealer must determine whether they have a \\\'qualifying hand\\\'. A qualifying hand must contain an ace or a king, or higher according to normal poker hand rankings. Once you have made your opening bet, and the cards have been dealt, you look at your cards and decide whether you will raise your bet, or fold. There are no other options open to you. Raise or fold, that\\\'s it.

You make your choice, and either increase your bet by the same amount, or fold and forfeit your bet.

At that poinit, the dealer will turn over the rest of their cards. No more cards are drawn. The winner is then determined.

A simplified strategy here - more of a couple of rules really - is to always raise with a pair or higher, and always fold when you have less than what would be a qualifying hand for the dealer.

That approach won\'t make you rich, but it should serve to keep the house edge within reason. Obviously, you can see one of the dealers cards, and if that is an ace or a king you will know that they will be playing their hand. But that is a bit misleading - the odds are the same whether you can see that card or not. And you should know that they are not trying to do you any favors, so treat that element of the game with a bit of caution - don\'t be led into playing a poor hand just because the dealers face card is low, for example.