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Casino War

The house edge in Casino War will vary from a low of about 1.2% to a high of about 2.9%, depending on the rules of the casino.

Generally it is not allowed as a game under the wagering requirements for bonuses. Where it is allowed you can be fairly sure that the house edge is in the higher range.

As a gambling game, you won’t find many that are easier to learn than Casino War. It is a pure gambling game, not unlike flipping a coin.

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Casino War and rollover contributions

The only edge the house has is in the tie rule where the odds are drastically against the player. At over 18%, tie bets should be avoided at all costs.

But as you can probably tell, on a straight up deal, ignoring the possibility of a tie, there is no edge for the player or the house.

If you like to gamble without having to learn any complicated rules such as those that are involved in playing craps, then this might be the game for you.

There is an absence of jackpots or other increased winning opportunities in this game though, so even if it is allowed while a bonus is in play, you may find that with the increased wagering requirement you will need to play a lot more games to get your bonus cleared than you would with other games.

That may have an impact if your bonus is time-limited, adn so you should be aware of that. Time limits generally do not apply to opening bonus offers, but can often be part of the terms for loyalty bonuses offered to existing players by some casinos.

In general, with a low edge to be exploited by experienced players, this game is not allowed with most bonuses. Where it is allowed, the contribution rate for your wagers will be adjusted so that only a small percentage of your wagers will count towards the required rollvoer amount. The contribution rate can be as low as 1%, though it can also be a bit higher.

Casine War Strategy

As with other such casino games where there are few decisions for the player, with casino war the best strategy can only be to avoid making bets that have poor odds for the player.

Avoiding tie bets will immediately improve your odds drastically. Of course, it won\\\'t improve them enough to overcome the remaining house edge. But with this game, or with any casino game, that cannot be expected to happen.

The best that you canhope for with any strategy is to icrease your play time so that you have a chance to get lucky. After all, this is gambling.

If there was a guaranteed way to win, it wouldn\\\'t be called gambling. And there probably wouldn\\\'t be many online casinos around either.

The hosue edge in this game comes into play when there is a tie on the table. The rules of the game make you double your bet here, but the return is going to be the same as it was for the original bet. So if you were betting $10 per hand, in order to win $10, with a tie bet you are obliged to double your bet, putting up another $10, in order to still just win $10. So instead of getting evens on your bet, which is the true chance of winning, you are now gett ing one to two, while you still only have an evens chance of winning.

In other words this is a terrible bet. As a gambler you should always be avoiding making terrible bets. The only way to win long term in gambling is to only bet when the odds are in your favor. In casino terms, you should only bet when the odds are at their least bad for you. That\\\'s not great English but I hope you get what I mean.

As a gambling game, Casino War can be great fun.

But there is no strategy that can give you much of a profit potential. Bet management to increase your play time will only increase your chances of losing your money,as there is mo jackpot or other payoff to play for. With the low edge in play when you avoid tie bets, this can be good fun to try to ride your luck. But that is about it.