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Craps is one casino game that is rarely permitted when a bonus is in play. Much like other traditional games that have a low house edge, such as Blackjack and Baccarat, Craps has such a low edge that most casinos will automatically restrict it from any bonus.

Some bets in Craps can have very low house edges, some as low as zero. Others have house edges in the range of 1 to 2%.

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Craps and bonus play

While this is a low edge game, some of the bets that you can make have absolutely horrible odds. Betting on a hard seven, for example, has a house edge in excess of sixteen percent, so that is a no go.

Overall though this game is considered to be a low edge game when played by a player that knows the right way to play the game, and accordingly it is almost always restricted when you are clearing a bonus.

Where it is available while a bonus is in play, the contribution rate will be very low, and so the rollover requirements will be increased considerably.

While it is common for this game to be prohibited while playing a bonus, those sites that do allow it will have adjusted the contribution rate quite a bit, so that you will have to wager a lot more on this game than you would were you to play a slots game. This is so that the casino will not be likely to lose much money to gamblers that know the game.

And those players that do play this game most likely do know it well.

If you have never played it, you will not find a more exciting game in the casino. It is a high speed game with reasonably good odds for the player, and though complikcated in the various bets and rules, it is well worth the effort for the fun and excitement that can be had when you hit a good run.

Casinos would do well to offer more craps based bonuses to new players I think, as it is a more enticing game than many slots based games, and people who enjoy the game will keep coming back again and again.

As we find more bonuses that allow craps we will add them here.

Best Craps Strategy

This is probably the most exciting game that you will find in a casino. In real life casinos, where there is a live table with a lucky shooter, the atmosphere can be electric. It may not be the same when you are playing alone online, but to be honest, when you hit a good run, it seems just as good to me.

I do like this game, for the excitement and for the potential wins, but unfortunately I am not much good at it.

There are good strategies for craps available. However, you will need to understand the game beyond just the fundamentals to be able to understand them and play them.

You could do worse than take a craps bonus just to learn the game and work the strategies.

A common tight game play is to be the pass /come line and back that up taking full odds. You can get a good position open with a lucky run, and have multiple bets come off in a row. There is no other game that lets you do that. The edge on the above appraoch is tight enough, so for the absolute maximum squeeze of the edge, the optimal strategy would be the opposite of the above; bet the Do Not Pass / Do Not Come line and lay maximum odds after.

If you know your way around the craps table then the above bonuses might be of interest to you. If not, but you would like to learn the game, you should probably spend some time at the play money tables to get to know the procedure of the game and how it all works.

Most online casinos will have a play money option to you, plus some of them have good enough guides to all their games available on their sites. I would not suggest that you try this game out in real life for real money without at least knowing the basics of the play, and the rules. It is a lot easier to learn this game, or any game for that matter, online where you really cannot make any mistakes as far as the betting and procedure of the game play goes.