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I find that the house edge in roulette is high enough at over 2% for single zero games, and over 5% for double zero games, but even so it is generally restricted from bonus clearance requirements.

That may be because you can reduce your exposure by betting both sides of an outcome, though that practice is always against the terms and conditions and will be disallowed. Perhaps the casinos just don’t like to have to police your play on this game.

Whatever the reason, this game is often restricted from play while a bonus is being cleared, and where it is allowed the contribution rate will be reduced and the wagering requirements accordingly increased.

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Roulette and advantage play

Many newer players stumble upon games like roulette and think that they can see an angle to get an advantage over the casino, but still remain within the terms of the bonus. They think that covering a lot of the possible outcomes on the table will reduce their risk, yet the amounts that they bet will be counted towards the wagering requirements.

This is not the case, and I assure you, that almost anything that you can think of to gain an edge will have already been thought of by the casino.

Low risk bets such as betting both red and black at the same time, or betting on most of the numbers on the table, will be considered bonus abuse, and will be disallowed by the casino.

It does not matter whether this is covered in the terms and conditions or not; this is standard practice in the online casino industry.

This kind of play, sometimes called advantage play, is well known to online casinos and not only are they aware of it, they can and will check your betting history when it comes to getting paid out, and any such play will be grounds for having your bonus disallowed.

Do not try any low risk bets in order to complete the wagering requirements as that will just put your bonus in jeopardy, and may even get your account banned and your name added to a players black list.

Roulette Betting Strategies

There is no real strategy here that will do anything to improve your odds, The only strategic decision that you can make with this game is to never, ever play the American version. The odds for you for that game are twice as bad as they are in the European version. Exactly twice as bad, so simply avoid it. That one decision will save you a lot of money.

Other than that, while playing a bonus youwill be restricted in the amount of bets you can make on any one spin, and the amount of the table that you can cover.

Bearing that in mind, the next best strategic decision that you can make when playing Roulette is to decide to practice good bankroll management. Work out you maximum bet size from your available bankroll with a view to getting as much table time as you can. While there is no jackpot to play for with this game, you do need to give yourself a chance to have your number come up.

For example, if you pick a number, any number - your favorite or lucky number would do, so long as it is below 37, then bet on that number for every spin of the wheel, you will need to size your stake in such a way as you give yourself enough bets to have a reasonable chance at hitting that number.

A good rule of thumb is to bet your number 18 times. Make your stake about one eighteenth of what you are normally comfortable with. So for example, if you would normally bet $20 on a hand of blackjack or baccarat, or $10 on a hand of Caribbean stud, then your bet size for betting single numbers at roulette is going to be jsut one dollar.

Bet that one dolalr size bet on your chosen number consistently for eighteen spins of the wheel. Stop when you hit. If you don\'t hit after 18 spins, well, you have lost. Yuou can go again or choose another number, or walk away. If you do hit on the 18th spin, you will have just about doubled your money. If you hit earlier you will have done better than than, albeit for small stakes relatively speaking.

So that is my only strategy; resize your bets according to your normal stake and consider, in this case, that 18 spins is equal to one hand. You can vary that for higher payouts nbut longer series of losses, such as only betting your number for 9 spins of the wheel, but betting two dollars per spin. If and when you do hit the payout will be larger, but of course you will hit less often.

That strategy can give you some good extended play time at the table for entertainment. That is about as much as you can hope for with Roulette.