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Casino Match Bonus

There are a lot of terms and terminology involved in the whole area of online casino bonuses. While the banner headlines may be very attractive, you really have to dig into the terms and conditions to fully understand what it is you are actually getting.

And those terms are full of terminology that does seem designed to confuse the player.

A casino match bonus simply means that the casino will match the amount you deposit with a bonus amount that is calculated as a percentage of the amount you have deposited.

In the simplest terms, if a player deposits a nice round figure of $100 then the casino will give a bonus amount that is equal to that deposited amount multiplied by the advertised percentage. So in many cases the match percentage is 100%, that would mean that a deposit of $100 would attract a matching bonus amount of $100. Should the match percentage be higher, say 250%, then the matching bonus amount will be $250.00.

That is quite simple really.

Sadly, that is not the confusing part of the terms. While many casinos will add up the complete bonus offer and advertise that amount, in the details you may find that you need to make multiple deposits in order to get that full amount. And even though two casinos might offer what appears to be the same bonus – $1,000 at 100% match for example – looking into the small print might make it clear that the two offers are in no way the same.

There is no way to know what any offer really means without checking the details of the associated terms. An experienced gambler that is used to playing at online casinos will instinctively know to dig into the details of any offer they see before they put their money up, but advertisements that are misleading do catch new players every day.

It probably shouldn’t be this way but it currently is like this.

I cannot stress it enough – always, always, always check the terms of any offer that attracts you. A few minutes looking through the terms and conditions will be well worth the effort if it means that you avoid any trouble later on when you want to cash out your balance.

One further point about the match percentages is that the current trend to offer deposit bonuses on multiple deposit, but giving different percentage rates, makes it even harder to determine the true match percentage. The simplest way to determine what you are going to get for your money is to look at the first depsoit bonus details only. Ignore any second and subsequent bonus details while you concentrate on the initial one.

That should make things a bit more straightforward. Any subsequent deals then can be evaluated on their own, each individually, and you can choose to stop taking the bonuses once the terms move out of where you are comfortable.

In general, if a casino is bundling their initial deals together, but is varying the percentages and the amounts on offer, they could be doing that to hide the true value of the deal. And that probably means that the true value is not something that woud attract youo if it were clearly shown to you.

Of course, that is not true of all casinos. Some are now using the mul;tiple initial bonus deal because they know that many players like to make a smaller first depsoit than that amount which they would be more comfortable playing with. They do this to test out the casinoa nd see if they like playing there or not.

When they find that they do like it there, then they want ot make a second, possibly larger deposit. Under the once common bonus on first deposit amount only, that type of player was less inclined to go on to make further deposits without getting any deals. The new tiered deal now allows players to check out the casino with a smaller amount before committing to it with a larger deposit.

And when it comes to making a further deposit, there is always another casino out there that will be happy to offer a deal to that player.


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