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Instant Casino Bonus

Thankfully, most US facing online casinos are sticking with the traditional casino bonus model of matching your initial deposit with a set percentage. This means that you get to play with the bonus money immediately.

Lately some online casinos have been changing to a bonus model where the bonus cash is only released as you reach the wagering requirements with your own money. This is more like a cash back offer than a bonus offer.

The traditional deal of giving an amount that matches the amount that you have deposited gives the player a much better chance of squeezing some value out of the casinos money. In the new model there is absolutely no chance for the player to do that.

Mind you, all casinos carefully craft their bonus deals so that there is little chance of many gamblers actually getting any of that “free” money. Between the wagering requirements that are imposed on any deal, and the withdrawal restrictions that might come afterwards, the sites are intent on keeping their money out of the players pockets. That’s fair enough; if they didn’t do that then they probably would not stay in business for very long. All we as gamblers want is a fair shake – even if there is no possibility of a guaranteed profit built in to their deals, we still want to be able to get some play out of them.

So instant bonuses – those deals where we get to play with the casinos own money right from the initial deposit – are much more attractive to the average gambler than any other type of offering.

Almost all of the matching offers that are listed here are of this kind, and we will of course point out any that are not designed that way.

Even if there is no possibility of profit built into the structure of the welcome offer, we still want to get that extra bankroll and playtime so that we have a chance of hitting either a good winning streak, or ajackpot, depending on the games we choose to play.

Esentially it comes down to this – extra cash at the tables means extra time, extra hands, bets or spins, and therefore an extra chance to win.


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