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Online casino favourites

Games like roulette and blackjack can be found back as early as the seventeenth century, and really started to find their modern form in France at around the time of the revolution. They have endured through the years and retained their popularity against a tide of new technologies and gaming experiences.

Roulette and blackjack have, in recent years, undergone what seems to be the final stage of their development – the transition to online gaming. They stand alongside their modern counterparts in online Casinos and are an integral part of online casino sites. Online gaming has been a real boom market in recent years, and has undoubtedly scooped the lions share of the revenues but the old favourites nevertheless refuse to go away.

We can now play slot machines and even scratch cards online, but the trusty Casino favourites remain there to challenge our risk perceptions and entice us into making a wager.

Most sites are highly user friendly in the modern world of the online Casino. They will try to discourage irresponsible gambling and give off a very welcoming vibe to the new user. They invite rookies and pros alike and most sites are equipped with decent tutorials to get you started. As a further incentive, bonuses are available on registration as the sites vie for your valuable custom.

The best sites are audited annually, have super fast cash payouts and are highly encrypted for added security. We make a lot of our modern day transactions online and it’s reassuring to know that that help lines and 24 hour customer service is ready to aid your experience.

Sadly, most online casinos that serve US customers are not so well regulated. Very many of them do not publish any figures at all, and have licences that are really jsut names. The least they shoudl do is publish an audited Return To Player number for their games, but even those numbers are hard to come by.

This is the current state of the market, and is a direct result of the various legislative attempts to interfere in this market. It should be clear then that those officials that interfere in this market have anything but the interests of the player in mind.

Another impact of those ham fisted attempts at legislation has been the difficulties players now have in getting their money into, and more importantly, out of online casinos. Super fast payouts are just a dream when it comes to casinos serving the US.

New casino outlook

As a traditional gambler, I expect to be able to play traditional casino games in a casino, online or offline. While you might not think that is an unreasonable expectation, there is a new wave of online ‘casinos’ that just offer slots games. With these sites, the focus is on the entertainment factor, with stylish graphics and game play that somewhat resembles other online non-gambling games.

I suppose this is aimed at a segment of the market that does not want to learn the sometimes complicated rules of old and complicated games, such as Blackjack, Craps, Roulette and Baccarat.

And maybe they cater to a younger gambler who wants to have fun more than anything. The more traditional casino offerings will be availabel to those plaeyrs elsewhere when they come to want that, too.

In my opinion, these new sites might be great and serve a specific market, but they are not casinos. It is difficult enough to put your money into a casino where the house edge on even the lowest edge game will eventually eat away at your bankroll, without having to be restricted to only play those games that have the worst return for the player.

I assume that this development is an extension of the market, rather than a change away from the casino as we have known it. I don’t imagine a time when the good old games are no longer played online, at least, not in my lifetime. Of course you never know what will happen. I know the casinos would be happy enough not to have to offer those low edge games such as Blackjack, for lots of reasons. It is a lot cheaper and more profitable to install a slots game than to have to pay the wages of a skilled blackjack dealer in a live casino for example.

And even online, where they are not paying the dealers, they woudl still prefer if we all played slots with a 5 to 7% house edge, instead of grinding away at BlackJack with perfect strategy squeezing the edge down to less than one percent.

But I don’t see that as happening any time soon.


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