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WGS Technology

WGS Technology was once a very popular online casino software provider prior to all the upset in the USA casino market. These days, in 2015, there are only a handful of online casino sites that use games from this software company.

If you have never played at a WGS powered casino, but are familiar with other brand games, then you won’t really find much difference, except maybe in the graphics – they are a bit on the low end, but that does mean that they play smooth and that you don’t need to have the latest computer hardware just to play at an online casino.

WGS Technology Bonuses 2015

Miami Club | $100 at 100%

September 20, 2015
100% Deposit Bonus
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WGS pros and cons

Probably the bigegst advantage this brand of game has is in the network jackpots that are available on some games. Casinos using this software also offer tournament features which other casinos could learn from. To be honest, the jackpots available have not grown to huge sums in recent years. This is understandable, as the number of casinos using this type of software has declined.

But no matter which way I spin it, this software is not overly popular with online casinos. To be fair, with an opening offer such as the one from Miami Club, you can see why they would flounder in a sea of bonus offers that commonly run into the many thousands of dollars in bonus money. It is hard to compete when you are just offering a starting bonus of $100.

My biggest problem is with the skimpy bonus though; there is nothing wrong with the software as far as I have played it. The bonus though, while I understand that it is aimed at the smaller depositor, and is therefore for a smaller than average amount, is I feel not offering enough of an attraction for players with limited bankrolls. It is fine that they do not want to offer thousands of dollars in bonuses, but I think that hte percentage match could be higher, especially as their exposure will be limited to $100 anyway.

Any other negatives that I might have are from specific offerings and their terms, and not about the actual gaming software itself. Of course, I have not played at many WGS powered sites, as there just aren\\\'t that many of them, so you should consider that when reading this.

I would find it easier to recommend this software if I had a better opening offer to show you - as it is I think that you won\\\'t be disappointed by the game play or the range of games on offer.

The selection of casinos needs to grow and the opening offers need to be brought into the 21st Centuary, but other than those two complaints this is a solid online gaming experience.